Here’s the rest of my Pokemon characters (for now!)
(I think the only one that’s not in different clothes or hair color is Brock? but he had to go in there to make it complete.. Oh and Iris.)

Plus two new characters that I can’t believe I didn’t do yet, Jessie and James! Hope you enjoy and I’d love to see your stuff if you use them. Feel free to check the tag for more codes or older versions.

*edit 6/29: updated Cilan and Iris



someone asked so here are the qr codes for the room cast! their birthdays and ages are p random im sorry i hope you don’t mind

sidenote: lisa’s outfit is different, denny is shorter bc he had the adult spray thingie on in that picture, and johnny’s face is a little different bc dang you will never be satisfied trying to recreate tommy wiseau’s face 

anyhoo i hope y’all like ‘em!

i also threw mine in there at the end bc im trash